Thursday, May 29, 2008

People on 14th Street
May 28, 2008


mrs. confidential said...

awwwww i'm so glad you're doing this. it makes me smile and think why does everyone who doesn't live in nyc hate new yorkers when they are really the sweetest, creative, artistic people i've ever known? you know i keep hearing the old nyc is gone, and i was lucky to have lived there when it still was, but little acts like this brings the romance of new york back for everyone. *mwah* big thank you to you! wish i could be drawn by thou-- may be one day!

Lake Erie Princess said...

I don't know HOW I found this blog, but I
am so glad that I did !

Unique idea to sketch everyone in NYC !

I looked at all the sketches and am addicted now ! Daily I return for my "fix" and check to see if there are any new pics you have drawn.

I live on the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, so no one would ever do anything as neat as thiis idea here ! Good luck and keep drawing. I enjoy everything you post.

Paul Pincus said...

this is truly amazing. i love, love, love this post!