Thursday, May 22, 2008

People in the Other Room at WNYC and Femi Oke's Hand
May 22, 2008

Woman in Her Office at WNYC
May 22, 2008

People doing The Takeaway Program
May 22, 2008

People at WNYC
May 22, 3008


letmykeelbreak said...
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stuart kunkler said...

hi, jason -- this is a terrific start. i love the spontaneity in your sketches. i'll check back in 7,000 years when you're finished. :-)

James Morgan said...

Sweet blog!
Thought you might want to put a contact me widget on your blog. So that your other readers and I could contact you.
Contact Me Widget

The Crow said...

You drawings inspire meh

Ps. why is all depress at taco bells?