Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Hello Health Doctors at the Apple Store in Soho
February 16, 2009


Dim4ksan said...

Hi, thank you for the work. PrimeTherapist My query was about fear, panic and withdrawal into computer games, from the beginning of quarantine and all summer + beginning of fall. It was hard, business collapsed, but I started learning a new profession back in the winter with a great desire to change my life, but quarantine, fear attacked, anxiety, insomnia, I could not study or work during this period. The solution was a psychologist. We worked several online meetings on requests through cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodrama. The tears and the turning point in feeling the problem came in the 2nd session, I felt that exhalation and really the anxiety decreased. We found an anchor to hold on to and continue learning what the next step is, priorities based on my real desires. I have taken several psychology courses and can recommend as a psychologist to a psychologist.

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