Wednesday, October 29, 2008

People Walking Together Under An Umbrella On 2nd Avenue
October 28, 2008

I will be working on a project this weekend at the Editions/Artists' Books Fair. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I will be making drawings for a book called 100 People I Saw At The Editions/Artists’ Books Fair. The book will contain 99 people I saw during these three days. Once the drawings are completed I will print the book, in an edition of 100 to be available on Sunday at noon. The book will be available for purchase at the Esopus table at the fair. The book will cost $20. If you choose to purchase a book, you will be drawn in your copy, completing the project and becoming the 100th person in the book.

People Walking Up and Down 2nd Avenue
October 28, 2008


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