Sunday, July 6, 2014

Joan Rivers at The Whitney Museum
(going to Jeff Koons exhibit)
July 6, 2014

I was leaving the Whitney Museum today with my friend Robin and she said, "That's Joan Rivers." I looked over and saw her and turned to a blank page in my pad. I was nervous and the first picture I drew didn't look terrific so I drew another (this one). Robin then said I should ask her to sign it. Sometimes I will ask people to sign the drawings I make of them but I was particularly nervous to ask Joan Rivers. I am a fan of hers and I was nervous she would say no or say something not nice and it would change my opinion of her. Robin nudged me a bit and I walked over. She couldn't have been nicer. She signed the page with the drawing and asked my name and as I said Jason she wrote, "Jeff." I said, "oh, my name is Jason." She was writing, "Jeff Koons," because of the show I was leaving and she was walking into. She asked if I was an artist and I said yep. I thanked her a lot and she seemed appreciative I asked and I just liked her so much.

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