Friday, February 3, 2012

Cab Driver
February 2, 2012


Sam Church said...

Hey Jason; this blog is the business -a damned nice idea and lovely drawings.

Anonymous said...

Hallo I'm an italian curator of contemporary art and I'm writing a text about the Tino Sehgal's performance. I imagine that you know that he don't make photos, videos or text about his work, the idea is: you can see the event at the moment..that's all!!
My text is about the Sehgal's auto censure, he censure every possibility to have a trace or a "document" that can remember his work after the performance. I think this is a very interesting and very contemporary work. So, when I searched in google images Tino Sehgal to "control" the true possibility to censure the images and the videos of Sehgal's work I found some your drowning. I think that your work is especially very interesting in relationship with the Sehgal's performances. I don't know what you think about but I should like to propose at Tino Sehgal the possibility to publish your images in my article about his work. I forgot to say you that I'm the director of the on line magazine roots&routes (
Thank you and best regards
Viviana gravano

chvarko_007 said...

Great idea for this blog ... I like your drawings, but it continues :)) see this pictures: