Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Man with a cast on his arm that was covered by a big piece of foam, holding a bag, and talking on the telephone on 3rd Avenue
March 17, 2010


Rose said...

Just saw your video... as a native NYer who now lives in Florida, I say WAY TO GO!!!! There are so many interesting people in NY... I really think it's a wonderful goal. Keep sketching! Great stuff! :) Maybe I'll have to make a trip to NY again soon! :) Rose

beard said...

Arts greatest strength is to become automated repetitiveness.

Melissa said...

This blog is AMAZING! What a fantastical project!

m1k3y said...

I just found your site. Wow. I'm impressed. Good job, keep going. By the way, what type of marker do you use?

Juliette said...

I found your blog after watching a news video and I commend you on your goal!
It's quite an undertaking.
Good luck.

-Juliette from WhereForArtThouRomeo