Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Man at Taco Bell on 14th Street
February 10, 2010

People that work at The Museum of Modern Art
February 10, 2010

Man sleeping on a bench at The American Museum of Natural History
February 9, 2010

People at The Museum of Modern Art
February 8, 2010


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C C M M A A D D A A said...

i's vegan at the time, and tbell bean burritos no cheese extra lettuce tomato a bit of guilty pleasure. my first nyc tbell experience. 14th st. fresh out of beans and in no way surprised about it. ordered my bean burrito and she said, "we don't have beans," in a way that sounded like they had never had beans and i sucked for asking for a burrito consisting mainly of them. the same way a subways worker in iowa reacted when i asked if they had avocado to put on my veggie delight.